The Government wants the debates to be concluded before the parliamentary recess and the laws to be promulgated.

The draft update of the bioethics laws, one of President Emmanuel Macron's flagship measures, will re-enter debate in the French parliament from 7 June. Although the laws have been discussed twice in both the Assemblée Nationale and the Senate, French elected representatives have failed to agree on a final, joint text. Among the provisions of the legislation are: the possibility for single women or lesbian couples to have the right to medically-assisted reproduction (PMA), the reform of filiation and access to origins, the preservation of oocytes and embryonic stem cell research.

In an editorial, Mgr Olivier de Germay, the Catholic Archbishop of Lyon, stresses that "the destruction of the most elementary anthropological landmarks in the name of an all-powerful freedom shakes the natural bonds of social cohesion, starting with those of the family". At the same time, Mgr Olivier de Germay insists that "the humanist foundations of France cannot be allowed to drift simply because "this is already happening abroad". The future of our society deserves better than that".