The Faculty of Orthodox Theology of Bucharest together with the Archdiocese of Bucharest prepared an online, international symposium “Organizational and functional forms of Orthodox monasticism: bi-millennial tradition and contemporary challenges".

Hierarchs, professors and monks from the Romanian Patriarchate and other sister autocephalous Orthodox Churches (Patriarchates of Antioch, Moscow, Serbia, Georgia and the Orthodox Church of Greece) debated organizational and functional aspects of Orthodox monasticism during three days (24-26 May).

The online symposium aimed to find the links between Orthodox monasticism in the first Christian millennium and today. "We aim to discuss, first of all, the forms of organisation of monasticism in the first Christian millennium and to see how these continued to be applied in the Church in the second Christian millennium in order to respond to the challenges of contemporary society which is not only deeply secularised but also still secularising and imposing values which are often alien to Christian life and, in consequence, to monastic life too," said Archdeacon George Grigoriță, Patriarchal Counsellor at the Holy Synod Chancellery.

The presentations made at the symposium will be published in a thematic volume.